A Deadly Education by Naomi Novik

A Deadly Education by Naomi Novik

A Deadly Education by Naomi Novik is a fantasy novel set in 2020. The story centers on a half-Welsh, half-Indian sorceress, El Higgins, as she learns how to control her destructive powers at the Scholomance Academy. Unlike her classmates, El must be disciplined to achieve the highest honors, and her plan to save herself is not easy. While her anger is understandable, she is also unable to accept the fact that her parents are dead.

El’s plan to save herself

El has spent her life in a commune and mundane school, known as the Scholomance. She is alone, friendless, and forced to perform taxing mental and physical labor to gather mana and store it for later use. El also catches the attention of the mysterious Orion Lake. She is suspected of using malia, which is dangerous, and is forced to return to her commune to save herself.

Orion’s plan to save her

El is terrified of the teacher’s plan to kill her, and Orion takes it to heart. His love for El grows stronger as the series progresses, but at the same time, it threatens his own life. In the fourth year of school, Orion rescues El twice from certain death, and he decides to pursue her further. In both cases, El thinks it was Orion’s fault, but the truth is more complex than that.

El’s anger

El’s anger after a deadly education is fueled by his feelings of inadequacy and failure. The schoolwork is extremely difficult for El, as he is taught how to use black magic, which is suited for violence. His schoolwork is also quite unpopular, and most students dislike him. El struggles to make friends at school, but soon becomes involved with a fellow student named Orion Lake, who is interested in hunting mals and saving El’s life. Although Orion is from an elite wizard community and enclave, he is interested in the “loser kid” and appears to care for El.

Orion’s efforts to befriend her

In this sequel to the critically acclaimed novel, “Seventh Son,” Orion’s efforts to befriend’sleazy’ El will resurrect a character who has been dead for three centuries. El is the son of a notorious magician, and it is El’s ambition to become a renowned wizard. As a boy, Orion was eager to learn all about the magic behind this powerful, yet deadly, art form. Orion is the only student who can save his friend from an evil maleficer.

El’s plan to prove to her classmates that she is a sorcerer

El is struggling to balance her school work and a love life. The school’s curriculum teaches the use of black magic that is suitable for violence, and most of the students are hostile to her, which makes it difficult to make friends. In the course of the school year, she becomes entangled with another student named Orion Lake, who has a single interest in hunting mals. When Orion saves El’s life, he tries to save her, but she quickly realizes that Orion is a rich wizard from an elite enclave. As an outsider, Orion seems to care about El, even if she is just a “loser kid” in the class.

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